Georgetown RISE — A UN Regional Center of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development

Georgetown RISE

Resilience, Innovation, Sustainability, & Education

Creating a Sustainable georgetown for all

Our Purpose.

The UN General Assembly formed a global network of Regional Centres of Expertise (RCEs) for Education on Sustainable Development (ESD) to further generate, accelerate and mainstream global objectives into the context of the local communities in which they operate. Georgetown RISE aspires to promote scince-based research and decision-making by unifying community members, educators, businesses, elected officials, and the youth within the county to initiate a sustainable and resilent future for Georgetown County.

Our mission

To align Georgetown County with global objectives by promoting productive dialog and collaboration within the county so that future generations can enjoy a quality of life as we have.



…to protect our infrastructure from natural disasters with solutions and resources.


to be dynamic in addressing challenges specific to the county.


…to protect and preserve the natural environment, heritage, and pristine resources of Georgetown County.


…to guide our community in science-based research and decision-making.

Latest news



Education and Community Engagement
This taskforce works with community members, educators, businesses, elected officials, and our youth to initiate a sustainable and resilient future for Georgetown County. We will work to guide our community in science-based research and decision-making, education, and collaboration between all citizens.

Land-Use Planning
To improve quality of life and utilize the natural benefits of Georgetown County, this taskforce works to address obstacles and challenges that come with planning and developing a community sustainably.

Climate Adaptation and Mitigation
This taskforce will study coastal resiliency, flooding, and sea level rise and its impacts on economic development, natural resources, and the community to ensure that we meet the needs of the present without compromising the future.



The CCU United Nations Centre for Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development – Georgetown will support a scientific/research-based perspective, while engaging a place for productive dialog and collaboration on sustainability, enable a process for incubating student engagement and cultivating professional talent, and encourage participation and outreach related to sustainable development as a way of thinking and acting.


Our Youth Corps initiative is a high-impact, transformative learning program centered on giving students real-life skills and experiences in Georgetown County with an integrated teaching/learning component that links county goals to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Youth Corps is intended to contribute to our industry and public institutions, and also to inspire a new generation of professionals in our county to live, work, and play here. Students will work on a project or internship in the county as designated by county leaders, public and private, for a pre-specified amount of credits that fit within their curriculum. This would be combined with a class led by CCU instructor(s) with special lectures from county leaders on sustainable development and coastal resilience. For more information or to apply, click here.

SODA Meets at Waccamaw Library

On January 29th, community members gathered at Waccamaw Library to continue the conversation on Offshore Drilling. To read more, click here.

Latest News

Local VFW Signs Lease to Install Solar Panels

The Coastal Solar Ambassadors of Coastal Carolina University have committed to raising money for Veteran of Foreign Wars Post 10804 in Little River to cover the costs of the solar panels. This financial model is sponsored by RE-volv, a nonprofit solar seed fund based in San Francisco.

Celebration of Spring Internship Program

Georgetown RISE celebrated the successful conclusion of the first semester of interns serving Georgetown County at the headquarters of the Bunnelle Foundation.